This page contains a number of helpful links about the 2002 Farm Security and Rural Investment Act (Farm Bill)

  1. Farm Services Agency. Detailed information on signups and implementation. Includes a web-based tool to help producers chose base and yield options.
  1. Economic Research Service, USDA. Includes a summary of provisions and economic analyses. Has a side by side comparison of the new farm bill with the 1996 farm bill. It also has a link to the full text.
  1. U.S. House Committee on Agriculture. Contains continuous updates on implementation of the Farm Bill. Includes a short and comprehensive summary of the Farm Bill, and the full bill text.
  1. United States Department of Agriculture. Provides a summary by title, a discussion of major changes from the previous bill and economic impacts. It also links to full text of the Farm Bill in Adobe Acrobat format.
  1. United States Code. Includes the code for all US laws. You need to know the Title and Section to use.
  1. National Center for Agricultural Law - Web Library. Contains text of current and past farm bills and related legislation. Also includes implementation information, and background information. There are numerous links to analyses at land grant universities and government agencies. This is the most complete Farm Bill website that I have seen.
  1. Agricultural Marketing Service, USDA. Includes a summary of AMS programs affected by the Farm Bill by program. This is useful when you don't quite know what title to look under.
  1. University of Illinois, Farm Business Management. A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that identifies which of the five alternatives for updating acres results in the highest government payments. It also explains the options.
  1. National Association of Conservation Districts. NACD is the national voice of America's 3,000 local conservation districts. Provides summary of the 2002 Farm Bill Conservation Title, purpose, funding and status.
  1. Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute at the University of Missouri. FARPI is a multi-university research center that conducts research on agricultural policy and outlook. The site contains several papers analyzing the Farm Bill. The site also has a Base and Yield Analyzer Tool that is a spreadsheet to help producers make base and yield decisions.